PowerZone - The worlds first Fluid Technology Circuit Training System

Peak power. Every set. Every rep. Every time.

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Fewer injuries means more training time and better results


The power zone is a concentric, fluid resistance training system that accommodates all levels and abilities.

The genius of the system lies in the adjustable fluid tank design. Power Zone allows the user the ability to apply peak power, regardless of mechanical advantage or muscular fatigue, through the entire range of motion.

Because of this there are no sticking points or weak spots where technical compromise could lead to injury. This inspires confidence and empowers users to safely train patterns that might otherwise intimidate and overwhelm them.

Unlike traditional weight stacks and free weights, the Power Zone works only the concentric, or muscle shortening, phase with no resistance in the eccentric, or muscle lengthening, phase. This reduces muscle tissue damage, fatigue, and recovery time, increasing training volume and quality of work.

So who is the power zone for? It is for the team athlete maintaining their peak performance during the season; The strength athlete supplementing traditional Olympic lifts; The active ager and physical therapy patient training for function and quality of life; The high intensity group exerciser that wants to push to their limit without getting hurt and do it again the next day. It is for everyone mentioned and everyone in between. For performance, for function, for life, the power zone is for you…


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Concentric phase only -

"Reduces muscle tissue damage, fatigue, and recovery time, increasing training volume and quality of work."

Increased recovery phase allows for higher performance training

What makes PowerZone Unique?

  • concentric phase only power training with the ability to control speed, load and range.
  • fluid resistance ensures peak power through ENTIRE range of motion (ROM), regardless of mechanical and/or muscular fatigue, or individual ability.
  • no eccentric load allows for higher volume and intensity of training with less recovery time and reduced risk of injury.
  • control over speed, load and range offers excellent application for sport specificity, rehab and functional training.
  • concentric phase power training can supplement traditional strength training in compound and superset form.
  • as a technical tool, concentric fluid power training can safely teach and reinforce proper pattern recruitment, for novice and expert weightlifter alike.
  • the power zone circuit is practically infinite in its programmability, from 3-piece mini circuits with a strength or endurance bias, to integrated circuits involving supplemental activities.
  • as a complete six-piece circuit, the power zone stands alone with no electrical requirements. the footprint is small, moveable and accommodates all users within a group workout with fast and effortless adjustment; no plates to stack, no clutter.

The worlds most advanced ciruit training system

How does fluid technology work?




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Patented fluid motion design

Our patented fluid motion design creates the perfect resistance curve


3 attachments points

With 3 different gear ratios for limitless adjustability

Pro Recommendations

This PowerZone equipment is terrific! The movements feel great, the versatility makes it usable for a broad range of clients, and the concentric focused technology sets it apart from other lines. Obviously it can be used year round, but I love that I can use it in season with athletes without burning people out.

Gunnar Peterson

Beverly Hills based person trainer, Director of Strength and Endurance Los Angeles Lakers

In an era where collegiate and professional athletes are consistently analyzed through a spectrum of speed, power, and performance metrics, The Power Zone equipment line is the most ideal training option available. If maximum power per repetition is your ultimate goal, the Power Zone’s concentric demands yield

the best speed, power, and endurance improvements across the board.

The patented adjustable fluid resistance mechanism allows each athlete to train through full ranges of motion and essentially guarantees injury free max effort time and time again. Power Zone proves that water is the athlete’s greatest asset!

Joe Caligiuri

Stadium Performance Founder,
Super Bowl XXXXIX winning Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach

The worlds most advanced ciruit training system


PowerZoneTM can integrate with a larger group training structure or stand on its own as a complete system. Instructors or individuals can create work out routines to deliver the best training responses possible. Training everyone in their specific power zone has never been easier or more fun.

The PowerZoneTM Monitor will guide you during your workout to make sure you stay in zone and achieve your goals.

PowerZoneTM offers something for every commercial facility. Suitable for Defence Forces, PT Centres, Apartment Complexes, Corporate Offices, Health Clubs and Recreation Centres, anywhere that needs compact complete commercial grade fitness equipment.